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First Dates - Tips and Ideas

Ok, so you've met the woman for you, and she's agreed to a first date. What do you do?

The main objective of a first date (assuming there's chemistry!) is to make sure there will be a second. There are many different ways to approach first dates, and the most effective will depend on the lady in question. The aim of this article is to give you a few ideas and tips which should help in making your date a success.

Keeping it Original

There's nothing wrong with the tried and tested "dinner and a movie" night, but it's not very original. You want to stand out, try something different - something she'll remember!

Conversation is Key

The key to a good first date is to allow conversation mixed with some distractions to take the pressure off you (and her!). Try to pick something which is of interest to you both, this will allow interaction and help avoid "the awkward silence" and boredom.

Activities and Local Events

Some prefer taking part in an activity - this could be; mini-golf, shopping, biking, live music, etc. Look out for local events, street fairs, concerts, etc. If you choose to go to a fair, don't forget to brush up on your skills - she's certain to ask you to win her something, or swing the hammer and ring the bell!

Group Events

Depending on the individual you may choose a group event for your first date. If you're potential partner is shy, you can avoid making her feel un-easy by going out with a few mutual friends. Picnics are a good idea - relaxed and casual.


A sense of humour is an attractive quality. A comedy night is guaranteed to ease pressure whilst creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Casual conversation will be possible, and moods will be high.

Feeling Brave?

Why not cook for your date? It's a risky tactic, but very effective when executed well. Be sure to put on a show and demonstrate your culinary skills, but be careful - she won't be impressed if she wakes up with food poisoning!

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