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Funny Questions to Ask on a Date

Author: Ryan Dube

Dating can be one of the most challenging tasks in a person's life, so having a few funny questions to ask your next date can certainly break the ice.

Why is Dating so Hard?

Dating is horribly painful for a very large majority of the population. Those who have found a partner, or have gone on to get married, swear that they **never** want to have to enter the "dating scene" ever again. Why is it so painful?

It is painful because most people are terribly self-conscious, and they find it extremely difficult to come up with topics to talk about with a perfect stranger. Throw in the fact that the perfect stranger might actually be so handsome, or so beautiful, that you are caught off guard - and your nerves may get the best of you. This kind of situation can turn a potentially wonderful dating opportunity into a disaster that you could regret for the rest of your life.

Funny Questions On a Date

Yes, dating is a time when you are informally "interviewing" someone about their life, their desires, and their life goals. You are hoping to find a decent match with your own life goals and dreams. But this process of "interviewing" someone doesn't have to be a nightmare. In fact, learning about someone new in an intimate way can be wonderfully exciting and fun, especially when a little bit of humor is throw into the mix.

The following are some questions that you can toss into the conversation, in a light-hearted and joking way, that can serve to break the ice and help both of you realize that you don't have to take this "dating game" so seriously.

Have you ever been arrested?

Now, you should never ask your date if they've ever been arrested at the very start of the date. But this question is best asked after a few serious questions. It will interject a tone of humor into an otherwise serious discussion, and will hopefully get your date laughing and will set you both at ease. The conversation would go something like this.

You: "So what do you do for work?"
Date: "Oh...I'm a beautician, I cut hair, and I also do makeup."
You: "Oh that's great! You must enjoy talking to people then."
Date: "Absolutely, I love people - I'm totally a social butterfly."
You: "I love it! I am too..and do you have a big family, brothers..sisters?"
Date: "No...I'm an only child. My parents pretty much ignored me..that's why I'm so independent now."
You: "I'm an only child too! Wow, we have so much in common...we're both social, we're both the 'only child'...have you ever been arrested?"

As she looks at you with a raised eyebrow and a quizzical look, you should wait a few seconds and then laugh..."I am SO joking..."

The question immediately breaks up the monotony of a question and answer session, and prevents it from feeling like a formal job interview. As she laughs, it will help her reflect on the fact that this isn't a job interview - and that you are willing to take matters lightly. You will immediately notice her relax.

Other Funny Questions for a Date

Some other odd questions to toss out in order to lighten up the mood includes:

  • What's your favorite midnight snack?

  • What is the one, single food that you would never give up?

  • What is your weirdest "quirk"?

  • Do you have any relatives in jail?

  • Have you ever gone cow-tipping?

  • What's your worst pet peeve?

The important thing is to come up with a question that would catch someone off guard, but you should also avoid being vulgar or rude. The question should be light-hearted, and just odd enough (and asked with the right inflection or tone of voice), so that your date can't help but chuckle.

Humor is the ultimate ice-breaker, and used the right way, it can change an ordinary date into one for the record books.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/dating-articles/funny-questions-to-ask-on-a-date-537855.html

About the Author

Ryan Dube is an Electrical Engineer with 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He has been freelance writing for over 10 years for publishers both online and offline and has covered topics including the paranormal, finance, relationships, and more.

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